Both External Mixer and cueing (Mac)

Hi I have been using DjayPro for two years now and I am a really happy DJ. (53 years old, 40 years experience).

I wonder why I cannot have External Mixer and Cueing at the same time combined. I am very accustomed to cueing by clicking on a track rather than moving it to a deck for cueing (which is mandatory in External Mixer mode).

My setup is a i7 MacBookPro on 23" display, Mac keyboard and mouse and a regular dj-mixer, audio through two USB-DAC’s. No digital DJ-mixing console.

I like the External Mixer mode (where I can use the channel faders on the dj-mixer) but in that mode, I loose cueing. Which is quite essential, don’t we think?

Please add External Mode combined with cueing through internal audio (headphones) in your next upgrade.

Kind regards, Dick van der Kolk, The Netherlands.

Hi Dick,

in the external mixer mode cueing is being done directly with the external device you are using.
Which DAC are you using and does it have a pre cueing output?

If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you would like further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Hi Lukas,

I use Behringer UCA202’s and UCA222’s. Those are straight USB-to-analogue audio devices (RCA jack in/out) without any options.

My main point is: in External Mixer mode I loose the ‘simple click on a track in a Library or Play Cue and cue/prelisten it’ - function. Only decks have routed output.

I don’t want to drag a track to a deck to prelisten/cue it. To much mouse movement.

I have a djm350, all works fine (including the cdj 350s) except for cueing, i cant select a deck and then pre listen it. I have the headphones connected to the djm. I use djaypro 2 and have a macbook. Speakers are connected directly to mixer.