Bought Djay PRO but on Mac it keeps asking to start a free trial

Hello everyone,
I have bought from the App Store Djay AI PRO and it starts fine on my iPhone. On the Mac instead everytime I start it it shows me an overlay window inviting me to sign-up and buy or to start a free trial. This happens even when I open Djay from my App Store list of purchased apps.

Question: How do I get to have the Mac version run in PRO mode like it should?

Many thanks

Is the Mac a seperate purchase?


I’m not 100% on the Mac version but on iOS and iPadOS at the point where the overlay appears and invites you to purchase etc, there may be another option in smaller text that says “Restore previous purchase” or “Restore subscription”, I can’t remember the exact wording…

As long as your Mac is using the same AppleID as the iPhone then restoring previous purchase should hopefully do the trick.


The app is now universal across all the Apple OS’s and one sub covers you for all iterations of it.

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Make sure you‘re using the correct software. Just recently, „djay Pro AI“ has been released for macOS. The subscription probably only works with that one, not with „djay Pro 2“ or another old version.

Thank you Sootee. That “restore purchases” did the trick.
Much appreciated.

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