Bounce loop is bugged.

Bounce loop on Windows 10 is bugged. It would jump ahead once I release loop. Auto loop did not have this problem.

Watch this for example: jumped from 2:13 to 2:08.

Version number: 1.0.27578.0

I sent a support request from the “contact us” page. It redirected me back to the support homepage without any notification. I don’t know if the request has submitted.

Hi Lukas

Jennifer from your team replied in my support ticket. She said that Slip Mode switch doesn’t affect Bounce Loop. I tried to switch Slip Mode off and it still happens.

“When you are using the Bounce Loop options in djay, it automatically activates slip mode. This is the default setting even if the slip mode is deactivated in the edit waveform menu. When using Auto Loop, slip mode is not automatically activated.”

I hope you guys fix this in next release.

Hi heyqule,

Thank you for getting in touch.

Are you referring to the jump to a later positon of the track after releasing the bounce loop?

This is due to the Slip Mode which you can deactivate via the waveform drop down options.

Cheers,Lukas E.


You are correct. I double-checked and this is on our agenda (and should not be the way it is right now).

Thank you for pointing that out.