Bounce off of Slip mode and Hot Cue keyboard shortcut on Slip Mode

Hey, I am using DJay Pro 2 on macOS and I have 2 seperate questions.

  1. When I bounce loop it automatically activates Slip Mode regardless of if I have Slip Mode activated or deactivated in the Waveform dropdown. Is there anyway for my to bounce without Slip Mode activated??

  2. I want to be able to set hot cues and jump to them with Slip Mode activated. I am aware that I can hold the COMMAND key to activate Slip Mode and then click (with my mouse) on the “Jump to Cue X” option on my interface and it’ll do just that. What would be really great however is if I could just the Jump to Cue X KEYBOARD SHORTCUT (for instance “u” for Cue 1) while holding the COMMAND key to do that but currently that doesn’t work because in that case DJay Pro 2 is simply looking for the COMMAND + U shortcut which doesn’t exist and I am not sure if DJay Pro 2 allows me to add a new shortcut for SLIP MODE + ACTION.

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