BPM analyzing for all the library

Hi guys! Do you want to know what I think that really miss in the Djay app?

The possibility in the settings section to analyze the entire library or a playlist or an artist.

Why implement this functionality?
Because it’s easier for me (and others I’m sure) to quickly have a precise view of all the BPM when they’re sorted by low to hight in the top of the list. Actually, it’s not the case because when it’ the first time you play a new track, Djay have to analyse it. It’s only after that the BPM appears in the list if you want to play this track again. Before, the BPM for this new track is invisible because not analyzed yet…
Not very practical if you are in a hurry.

Thanks in advance and good job.

I have actually set smart playlists up with in iTunes based on BPM. If you put the BPM in the meta data within iTunes, It shows up on Djay. Thus having all your stuff sorted before you even play the song and have it “analyzed” within Djay.