BPM Change doesn't work in Lite Version

i’ve downloaded the DJ Pro 2 Lite Version for testing.
Unfortunately the BPM change double or half does not work.
Is this problem only in the Lite Version?
I need to know before buying …

Hi there,

tapping a tempo is not changing the actual playback tempo.

Tapping is for changing the displayed “analysed” value of the tracks BPM.

If you want to change the real playback tempo, please do so via the Pitch Faders.

I think it’s not nicely documented how you do it…

What works, at least in most cases, is that when you double or half the beat, you actually need to edit the value i.e. edit and press enter to get the value stored to library.

At least only then the Dj pro 2 tries to modify the grid accordingly.

With Spotify I’ve noticed some problems as after importing playlists the same song will be not only once but several times, because in Spotify it’s also not only once but several times with different SongID’s. With those songs at least I have some issues analyzing and storing metadata to the library.

Anyway, maybe you need to do screen capture video trying to explain what you are trying to do and then send it to support.

Although in single player view, there is no Pitch Fader knobs. Changing real playback tempo can be only done using shortcut keys.


As I suspected, you are only changing the metadata of the song and you are doing it correctly. Although sometimes you need to manual edit the BPM using on the dialog opening from the top right BMP value field (in the same way than there is pop up dialog in the key field).

It would have been also obvious to see when trying to mix to another song how the metadata affects in 2 player view.

But if you want to also affect to the actual BPM in real time, the default keyboard shortcuts are (see manual page 31 or in preferences):
Tempo - : ⌃ + ⌥ + 3
Tempo + : ⌃ + ⌥ + 4

I just wanna change the tempo, but it’s not working however i’m trying to do this.
Half, double, manually, tap, nothing is working.
My question is:

Is it not working because I’m using a test-version?

So, I’m choosing and running a song in Single Deck Mode.
Everything’s fine so far.

But then I want to change the tempo.

I’m tapping the tempo and go on “apply tabs” and… nothing!
I make a click on half or double and… nothing!

My question: Is it because I’m using the Lite-Version?

I need to know before buying and maybe wasting my money because I need the tempo change for transcribing music from spotify.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Hey there,
I made a video.
Please have a look and tell me what I’m doing wrong.