BPM Column to far right cannot fit on screen

I cannot fit the BPM column in my screen in Tidal playlists…It is all the way to the right! I don’t need the time column or even artists. There is a slide bar which appears and dissapears. Very difficult. Suggestions??/

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I realized i was using a magic mouse with multi functionality…duh

So what’s the issue?

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You are the best

It Dose not Show On Tidlel BPM
It Only shows On Djay Pro App
when You put a Song On THE DECKS it will show yOU

Thanks to Pasi, I now see that I can drag and rearrange the columns in my
library viewer.
So i have it working, in fact when I shut down the app, It starts back with
the same configuration that it had when i closed it.
I do have another issue,
If i go to library on my DJpro2 app on my macbook pro, if i select
ANALYZE,…it shows a dialog window with the number of tracks to be
analyzed, but it’s greyed out and it always displays the total number of
tracks in the playlist as already analyzed,m which is false.
So it never commences the analysis process.

Can You Show me how do do it on Tidal P/Z

Hi @Rickysee,

Thanks for posting to the community!

Glad to see that @dj_romy_fi could be of some fantastic help as well.

@Rickysee, for your additional issue could you create a new thread so that we can better track said issue? Thanks!

@Jonathan_Tandy, Please note that the Tidal library source has the same BPM column as whats shown in @dj_romy_fi’s video. Have a nice day!

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