BPM doubles and sync function lost after looping

Hi, can anyone help awn panicking here ahead of a gig please? After syncing two tracks and then putting in some loops etc, out of no where one track will have automatically doubled the BPM (it does not alter the actual speed of the track playing though) and the sync function is lost, i.e the lights on the sync control are not lit up, only way to restore is to close program down and restart? Any help, much appreciated please? Cheers, Ben

Tested on;
iPad Pro 2nd generation
iOS v 11.1.2
Djay Pro v 1.0.11
Works on my end.
Try closing all Apps, reboot.
If that doesn’t work,
if you have multiple devices clouding DJay try reinstalling the app?
Hope something works for you.

Thanks Laidbackfred.

So the glitch is inconsistent and difficult to reproduce, I have rebooted and reinstalled app but still problem persists, unsure what to do next?