BPM fine adjustment is not working

Dear all,

The fine adjustment of the BPM is not working on Djay Pro for iPad.

The option is not even in the settings available in the application but only in the general settings of the phone. And when “on”, it has no effect in the app.

I hope you will be able to correct that soon.


‘…as there are also controllers without a tempo slider and our application provides a fully stand-alone possibility to DJ.’

I was just about to post this myself. I own both a Mixon and a Mixtour for different purposes. The small controller obviously lacks a tempo slider…

Any chance of getting the fine adjustment implemented in Djay Pro? I find it very annoying that I can’t fine adjust. It makes the in-program tempo sliders almost useless and it seems like the feature would be easy to implement.

And don’t tell us it’s not a “use case” - everyone on this thread proves it IS a use case!

The more I think about the response from Algoriddim on this, the angrier it makes me. You fail to implement a simple core feature in your “pro” DJ software (tempo adjustment) by making it so that it only works effectively with a DJ controller (without fine adjustment, you might as well not even bother giving us virtual tempo sliders at all).

Then you double down by essentially saying you don’t care whether your software has standalone value without a DJ controller, even though you market it as such. And you insult the customers who are experiencing frustration due to YOUR screw-up by telling them that their problems don’t really exist and you don’t care (“not a use case”). What a poor attitude from this company.

And honestly, this makes you look incompetent in addition to tone-deaf. How hard of a feature could fine adjust possible be to implement? You already have it in Djay 2, which is supposed to be the stripped-down version! If you actually cared about your users’ feedback, it would be done by now.

I’m joining in this thread in hopes of a response… can’t believe this STILL hasn’t been implemented.

Hi Lukas.
I’ve been using Djay 2 for a number of years now without a controller and have absolutely loved it but I have recently started using Djay Pro but I can’t believe you’ve omitted the fine adjust for tempo. This is essential for making a good transition into an amazing transition.

Please are there any plans to bring back this feature ?

Please say yes otherwise I’ll have to find an alternative solution.

Dear Lukas,

This is not what I am talking about.

I am talking about the “Fine adjust” Tempo Slider option which allows to smoothly adjust the BPM with the tempo slider. This option doest not work on my iPad Djay Pro.

I take this opportunity to wish a very good 2016 year to you and your team.

Thank for your quick reply. Would be great if you could activate it ASAP.


Hi Alex,

if you are referring to manually setting the BPM, please try to tap on the BPM value.
Now you should be able to adjust the BPM of any song.

If this is not helping please contact us right away.

Thank you,
Lukas E.

Hi Alex,

thank you for your fast reply and sorry for the misunderstanding.
Yes you are right the “Fine Adjust” Option is not yet implemented in djay Pro, thank you for posting about this, 
i passed this internally.

We also wish you a happy new year, Alex.
Lukas E.

Hi guys,

thank you for refreshing the topic. Further there was a misunderstanding, the Fine Adjustment setting was accessible by a bug and will now be excluded after all. We decided this because of the Pro line of djay Pro, where adjusting the tempo slider via touchpad is not a use case.

Nevertheless we always appreciate if our customers tell us about changes they would like to see, so please upvote the topic to show us that you want this feature setting in djay Pro.

Thank you for your understanding.

Lukas E.  

Hi guys,

every post, feedback or thought in this topic is pushing the implementation on our agenda.

Once again I forwarded this thread internally to push it.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hey guys,

Steven, I see your point. Please don’t get me wrong, we simply tried to categorise our softwares and think of use cases. This was wrong on the second thought here, as there are also controllers without a tempo slider and our application provides a fully stand-alone possibility to DJ.

I talked to our developers about adding the feature and be assured, the Fine Adjust is on our agenda for djay Pro.

Thank you for pushing the topic, always good to get further feedback from you guys.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Any idea when it will be implemented? To be honest I would not of purchased this app if I knew this was missing! In my opinion its a VERY helpful and used feature.

I’m another Djap Pro iOS version user who recently purchased this app and got frustrated with the same issue that Alex has.

I’ve been a satisfied Djay app users since Djay 1 and I purchased Djay Pro without hesitation. But after I found out that fine adjustment of tempo slider is not working I had to go back to Djay 2 for the outings.

I’m kinda glad that I found someone who has the same issue and at the same time, frustrated to know that the issue still has not been solved after 6 months since Alex mentioned this.

I just want to refresh this thread and to let Algoriddim know that there are frustraed customers who are wating for their action.

Frankly, I’ve been happy with Djay apps so far and I’ll be very glad if Algoriddim that this request seriously and add the fine adjust option back alive soon enough.


Dear Lukas,

Thank you for your reply. I see your point for excluding fine adjustment function but I believe there are people like me who use iPad version of Djay Pro without any controllers attached at least from time to time.

I recently got an email from Alex from Algoriddim saying that he informed the development team regarding this matter.

As a long-term customer of Djay apps, I guess putting the fine adjustment function of tempo slider back in doesn’t seem too hard. So I do hope this issue will be adressed very soon.

Thank you & best,

Dear Lukas,

Any updates yet? Sorry for my impatience but I was kinda expecting to get a patch earlier this month.

Please remember that there are people who are still wating for this issue to be solved or at least for your feedback so that we can know Algoriddim does care about the matter.

Have a nice day!

Thanks & best regards,

Dear Lukas,

I still trust that Algoriddim WILL correct this issue someday but it’s a pity that this issue stays unsolved for too long without any official explanation since the day David brought this up this January.

If Algoriddim is working hard in prepreing a major undate including this “find adjustment” issue and if it will take some more time before the release, I’d like to ask you to take care of the simple but higly troubling issues like this one first.

Or please at least let us know Algoriddim’s plan about this.

I had to leave this post after another frustrated night where I still coundn’t use expensive (at least for me) Djay Pro just because of this issue.

Thanks & best,

Dear Lukas or anyone who is actually in charge of this thread,

I’ve been asking for the status update for a some months withou any replys. I thought all the people in Algoriddim were busy preparing a new update that will fix this issue.

But after a long wait until the new update and I was very very disappointed to find out that this fine adjuestment issue was left out completely. The fine adjustment is still accessed only by a bug and of course still not function even if it is on.

Is it really that hard to listen to some customers’ voice? I feel very unpleasant to be ignored. I don’t want to be rude to anyone but I think I and other people who raised same issue in this thread deserve your immediate action and propor explanation for no fix for almost a year after this small issue was raised as we didn’t get the app for free.

I do hope I can get a reasonable feedback this time.

Good morning guys,

First off I’d like to say thank you for your delightful ‘Djay’ apps a they have brought me and many of my friends some great times of late and still do to this very day…I am literally about to jump on now as it goes… :slight_smile:

I merely wanted to stress this case a tad further and hopefully provide a bargaining chip of sorts towards getting this much needed improvement sorted asap??
I am a fairly new user to this method of combining tracks via Tablet’s & touch screens, old Skool if you like… one could say I was a bit if a hater at first if I brutal enough to say so!!!
…oh. :frowning:
Anyway, I’d say I’ve come a along way with Djay2 and had already tried pro and couldn’t se the benefits really so didn’t get the full version. Now, say 6 months on…i felt I was ready to step it up!
A marketing piece from somewhere, most likely an email sprang to mind
…‘Djay Pro - 4 decks’…BOOM!! Instantly relishing the challenge as I’d recently received my first ever iPad (always used the Mrs), from the Mrs, due to her receiving a ‘New’ iPad for her birthday 19th June…

…long story short.

Found the app…

Saw the price…

Mixed feelings tbh…

Made the purchase…a week ago…

Have a look online for the resolution after a quick delete and reinstall…


Again thank you for your support moving forwards and I look forward to many, many many more hours of fun with djay. I can’t stress enough how massive this issue is and should really be better published so pother people don’t get the disappointment the rest of us have had to endure…

…although I’m confident Algorithin will sort it out one day :

Kind regards

Dale Owen