BPM Issue with DJay 2 Android

Ive tried searching the forum to find a solution to my problem. Ive noticed other people asking for bulk bpm to be added to the android version. I think the oldest one I found was something like two years back and still no feature. Okay I get it, no one plans on adding it to android. So I tried a work around by using BPM Counter by AbyysMedia to calculate the BPM and write it to the id3 tag. However when I put these mp3s with the added tag, DJay 2 doesnt read the BPM off the id3 tag. Now common you all gotta work with us on something here. Most of us have hundreds if not thousands of songs to tag with BPM and doing it one song at a time is not even feasible. Is there anyway you could add the feature to read the BPM id3 tag. Im sure it couldnt be that difficult for someone there to change a little code in the app and recompile for us.

If someone there knows another way I could add the BPM to my music library without having to load each and every song on the deck please tell me. Because as much as I like this program and the features its almost unusable. I would basically have to build mixes on my laptop and then recreate them in DJay 2. I want it the other way around. I wanna be able to think of an idea create it in DJay 2 and then perform it on my laptop. Or even be able to put together a quick mix while on a road trip would be cool. But I cant do anything like this since I dont have my whole library mapped.

Anyway, hope someone realizes not everyone is into apples hardware

hell no, what is this crap, no batch analysis for android, seriously?
im already looking for another app

Just popping in to say I’d also love a way to get all songs in a Spotify playlist tagged (or sorted!) via BPM on Android somehow without loading each one manually.