BPM/key data for Tidal/Soundcloud

I’m aware that once a song is played and/or analyzed, it will show BPM/key data in djay, but one thing I love about the Spotify integration is that that info appears in search even before playing a song (so you can quickly determine a good fit without having to analyze it). I noticed this info isn’t in Tidal (haven’t tried Soundcloud yet). My

I’m also noticing that BPM/Key info coming from Tidal is lacking compared to Spotify. It would be nice to be able to continue using this feature as we migrate to Tidal streaming.

I think everyone should bombard the Tidal feedback page to list BPM’s for tracks, from every angle, to their FB page, emails and beyond…

Thanks for the side-by-side comparison. It 

Same track…

Look familiar??

It’s the same track, one sourced from Tidal the other from Spotify. The waveforms may differ ever so slightly, this is due to the better streaming quality of Tidal. However the beat grid should be identical, unfortunately this isn’t an isolated case. Tidal regularly fails to analyse tracks and format them correctly.

As for the superior sound quality, I have a set of Yamaha HS7’s I didn’t notice a drastic difference, if any st all between the two streaming services.