BPM & Key Sync Between Djay for Mac and Djay for iPad

I am sure that someone else has posted this as an idea, but it would be much better if the iCloud synching included BPM and Key information from Mac to iPad. I bought Djay for Mac almost solely for that purpose and am disappointed to find that this is not part of the metadata that is synched. Synching these across would make more a much better suite of products that are truly integrated and provide value as a group.

I would think this is in Algoriddim’s interest, as you would be able to “upsell” someone from just the iPad app to the full suite to advance to a more professional setup.

Is there now a possibility to import the BPM data from mac to iPad? It is really boring to watch the iPad how to analyze files especially when all the work is already done by the mac. Please comment.

This is still not supported at the moment.

I’ll second this.

Planning to buy the 4th generation iPad, but analyzing my 3000 tracks again (track by track manually) makes me hesitate.

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BPM Analysis & Recognition across mobile devices.

I use Numark’s iDJ Pro with djay for iPad and have djay for Mac (which I have used to scan my library and assign BPM and Key) and djay for iPhone. However, I cannot figure out how to get my iPad or iPhone to see those values or embed the BPM data into the actual iTunes metadata. I also use iTunes Match if that is of any benefit to providing an answer. Would appreciate any help on this. Thanks in advance.