BPM problems with DnB on djay pro

I’m having problems with djay pro when playing drum and bass songs. BPM of these songs are supposed to be between the range on 160-180 and im getting displays of 86-89? I dont really care about that all I care is if the speed of bpm are equal to other songs that dispay the same bpm. So do and some dont. Like I have a killer drop from “the shadows” into “enter deadline remix” but I have to keep tapping the mixer to slow down the song so they match up, can name others like “acid generation” into “holy moly”. Cant figure out how to fix

you can fix the bpm for each track with the x2 or /2 button.
but it’d be great if algoriddim could add analysis range so that we can choose for ex between 50-150 or 100-200 ranges (for example)

Hi, did you manage to fix the problem?

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