BPM Range? Adjustment

Is there a way to set the bpm range for the library display? Currently, tracks that are 170-178bpm show as 85-89 bpm. :frowning:


Yes definitely need a mass edit options and bpm range options in the analysis songs area


If you load it up in the UI, then click the BPM counter thing, there’s a “double” and “half” button for particularly fast/slow tracks*.

* Yeah, I know 180bpm isn’t fast in comparison to speedcore/splittercore/… you hardcore nutcases. But for your average Joe most ‘normal’ music sits somewhere in the 80-160bpm range

Doing this for every track is time consuming, tho.

Hi everyone,

Thanks for sharing your feedback regarding djay’s BPM system.

We’ve gone ahead and shared all of your thoughts with our engineering team for further review and will update this thread if/when we have any additional information on said topic.

Have a nice day!

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