BPM sync fluctuations

After recent update during mixing with BPM Sync, djay2 randomly slows down/speeds up new deck song for a second or two after old deck finished playing, then restores original BMP (iPad mini 3, iOS 10.3.3 or 11.0, djay 2.8.6)

Hey KAMA3,

this is due to changes in a song tempo near its end.

We worked on this and an update will be live soon.

Thanks for reply, Lukas, much appreciated!

Any word on when we can expect this? I have a few big gigs coming up and can’t afford the sloppy transitions that come with this problem, which means I’ll need to find new software soon if it persists. I’ve been a VERY loyal customer for 6 years now, so I’d hate to have to do that.