BPM Tap from pulldown menu?

This thread has elements of a question, Idea and problem

There is a BPM tap feature in the pull down menu in DJay Pro for MAC. I could not figure out out to use this, I kept reading about tapping and a tap button. Eventually I discovered that clicking on the actual displayed numbers of BPM reveals a little GUI with Half Double and Tap. So no I have finally found the illusive tap button.

My question is this: What does the tap feature in the pull down menu do? How would it be used from the pulldown? I was never able to tap in time to a pulldown menu.

Perhaps it should just open the tap button that it took my so long to find.

No I get that. I am wondering what the pulldown from the GUI does that says TAP.

It is how I discovered that the feature existed. Took me reading several old post before I found the button. But by itself the pulldown and keyboard shortcut equiv are not useful.

I now get that but…

Because there is no manual you learn about stuff by looking at menu option etc… Once you know how to do tap it is no big deal. But there were weeks between the time that I saw this option in the GUI and the time I actually found out how to do it.

I am just saying this pull down option should open the same button just as though you clicked on the BPM numbers. This might help future users who are exploring the functionality and come across this option.

I do not want this thread to become a discussion about no manual as there are already threads that discuss that.

I am just wanting to understand how the pulldown is at all useful. I do not think it is in its current form. Hence the enhancement request.

The tap function allows you to manually set the BPM of a track.

You literally tap the button in time with the music as it plays and it will work out the BPM from your taps.

Could you show a screen shot?

I never saw that before. I agree its wierd!! No use at all except to tell you what the shortcut key is

If you click on th BPM number next to track thrn a different window opens and there you can TAP with the mouse.