BPM values lost for many songs after update to 2.8.4

I can confirm now, this very frustrating problem cripples 2/3rds of my library!!!

Curious enough the cues made it, at least for the few tracks I checked. This also seems independent of the BPM display behavior. Even more curious since I recently reset my iPad and synced back all tracks freshly to see if that would help…

Plus, I actually don’t really understand how a .plist file on my Mac (if I understand you correctly) should impact iOS app behavior to begin with, but you seem to have quite some experience.

Any other ideas?

Lukas, could you please forward this problem to software dev? Thanks

Ok but assuming it is obsolete, why just for a part of the library?

Funny thing is though, that I had BPMs shown for tracks djay never touched before. It used to work such that when I synced new tracks to my library that had all the tags set in iTunes, they would show immediately in djay. No analyzing needed. I really loved that.

After being analyzed, the BPM of the track could then have changed. This is due to different heuristics used for bpm analysis in different softwares…

I did not care about that. I only need a rough estimate of a songs tempo for the selection process. That’s how I usually DJ.

So when you are suggesting is to analyze my whole library, it means about 10.000 tracks. Doable of course but before I want to look for alternative solutions

Using comments tag as well. Thanks for all your infos. I will see how I am going to proceed…

Calling a DJ app “pro” that will not even allow you to select what standard tags you want to see in library view is a joke imho.

Well, yeah.

Thanks for the link, I will look into that.

Users like you keep it up. But I guess if we want to be heard we have to give a bad review on the App Store. That’s where potential new paying customers are. Sad but true.

If that’s the best shot from official side, well, no further comment.

one last question: will your youtube tutorials (which are great btw) work for serato dj without rekordbox?