BPM values lost for many songs after update to 2.8.4

I recently updated my iPad 2 to iOS 8. Before it ran on iOS 6, limiting the Djay Version to 2.2.2, while after the update i installed the latest version of Djay being 2.8.4 now.

I have noticed however that many songs dont show their BPM values any more. With 2.2.2 all BPMs (coming mostly from iTunes, since BPMs were analyzed on my Mac) were shown.

Now I cant use half of my library any more as i used to. That is very frustrating! I actually liked djay a lot but this is a real bummer!

Re-syncing the songs from iTunes does not help.

Please, has anyone a suggestion?

Hey Aendaman,

we are sorry to hear the loss of pre-analysation data. Is the iCloud activated at your device?

Lukas E.

djay synchronises BPM values via the iCloud. I would recommend playing with an active iCloud.

Cheers,Lukas E.

HI Aendaman,

The question to ask is… are the bpm values shown in iTunes. djay uses the iTunes info in the browser view. Only when a track is loaded in a deck it falls back to the analyzed bpm values.

If somehow the bpm tags of your tracks have been neutralized djay will not show them. unless you re-analyze the tracks. Did you re-Analyze all the tracks?
Are your cues correctly converted? that gives you an indication if there is something wrong with the metadata or not.


The harm might already been done (thnx to the icould sync, That function really criples more then it fixes)

I never see in your tests that you analyzed the tracks using the analyse function of djay.

Did the cues you had set on tracks previously made it to the new version (it should) otherwise a broken plist is most likely the problem.
In an old posting of mine I’ve explained how to do a manual backup. maybe worth the reading.


yup, I know exactly what your problem is now.

the metadata is either obsolete due to the upgrade or damaged (the former is more likely if your cues made it then everything is in place).
Analyze the tracks again djay (browser view -> 3 dots at the upper right there is “analyze” underneath). Its a tedious process because you cant do it for your entire collection, you have to do it playlist by playlist.

read the link I provided above how you can backup and restore your metadata for future notice.

as soon as you load a track in a deck that has not been analyzed (properly) it will analyse. maybe some tracks were analyzed with an older version of djay, can be various number of reasons.

Contrarian to what I said earlier, the bpm value is taken from the meta data not the bpm tag of the track. (I should have known I used to use it as an indication which tracks needed to be analyzed) and Analyzing is what gives tracks the right amplification and visual representation of the track (among other things).

the cues live in a completely other data file, thats why I needed to know if they were intact.

yup, that seems to be your problem and you have to do it playlist by playlist you cant do it on your whole collection at once :frowning:
I do this kind of stuff on my fastest iOS device and then transfer all the metadata to my other devices.

I like to keep my key/bpm values in the comment tag (thats the tracks’s tag) so they dont get lost by this kind of accidents (and comment is a more standardised tag then key is).
djay (not even the pro) on iOS does not let me see the comment field in the browser.

it’s still the best on iOS. However I hope that Algoriddim listens to our suggestions. Aendaman take a look at my youtube channel there are some tips there on how I use the comment field (mixed in key and special formatting) and how to convert your cues/beatgrid between various programs.


good luck with the re-analysing.

thnx Aendaman give a thumbs up on them if you like them.
I dont use Serato so I dont comment on it. Nor do the utilities I write work with Serato.

It actually seems that the bpm info is there too, it is just not displayed for certain tracks… See the images attached.

The CREAM instrumental shows no bpm value in the library view but as soon as I load it to the deck it shows 90.0 bpm but the app is still analyzing the track… So where else should that bpm come from?

Just updated to 2.8.5 - problem still persisting

Just tried day pro an even worse here. Even less titles show their bpms… Wtf is goin on here?


I will try to dig deeper into probably causes on my side and woul appreciate if you could do the same on yours…

Thanks for this suggestion but it’s neither a reasonable explanation for my problem since I never used iCloud and it’s also not a possible solution since where I play, there is no internet connection available…
Also, what is there to sync? I want my BPMs displayed locally!!! If its not able to do that, how should syncing with iCloud change any of that? Sync nothing to iCloud, then sync back and there it is all of a sudden? I dont think so…

iTunes shows all tags as usual. No re-analyzation of any kind occurred. It must be a different behavior of the djay versions 2.2.2 on iOS 6 and 2.8.X on iOS 8

I will have to check for cues though…

I am at a few tests atm and will get back here once i have new info.

Thanks so far nevertheless!

What Mixmaster G says is the exprected behavior, iCloud or not!

I did a test now. I synced three tracks.

1 was new to my iTunes library and never saw any BPM analyzer

2 was also new and recently analyzed using MixedInKey showing the BPM in iTunes

3 was an old track analyzed by Serato DJ also showing the BPM in iTunes

none of these three showed their BPM in the djay library.

1 had to be analyzed in djay to show the BPM on the deck, 2 and 3 showed the BPM instantly after load.

I guess that sort of proves my point about different behavior of the djay versions concerning BPMs in library view and I would love to have your software development folks look into that.