Bring back auto scratch feature for reloop mixers

For reloop mixers: In previous versions of the software (a while back - way before “ai”) you could create a chirp/scratch effect simply by moving the platter of your controller while pressing the “shift” button (pressing shift would virtually/on the screen move the curser back and forth and auto cut). This feature has been gone for a while. It would seem fairly simple to re-instate since it worked once. It feels like it’s something that has just been forgotten in the updates. It’s probably super simple since you did it once.

I’d like to see that Reloop feature

Hi @Pj_Delaye,

Thanks for the suggestion!

Did you know that pressing G or H on your keyboard activates auto-cut with the crossfader at two different speeds? It even allows you to scratch using the jog wheel or trackpad/mouse.

Regardless, I will pass this along as a feature suggestion for the dev team.

Have a nice day!

Thanks Nathaniel.

You mean on the IPad screen? I don’t have a separate keyboard as I run my Reloop Mixon 4 with an IPad Pro.


How does the auto cut work on midi or ipad?

On the IPad, you simply place two fingers (instead of one) on the jog wheel or wave file and start scratching.

Hi @Pj_Delaye,

My apologies, After you referred to djay as “ai” and mentioned the shift key I thought you were working on macOS as opposed to iOS.

Thank you for the clarification!

I will be sure to pass this along to our dev team for further review and update this thread when I hear new information.

No worries. Thanks for the consideration. The controller I use is a Mixon 4.


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