Bring back crossover arrows missing in djay pro for iPhone ASAP!

OK! Why did you deprecate the crossover arrows in the iPhone version of djay pro when it is on the iPad and macOS versions? Why take out that functionality when it is in djay2 across all platforms?

it makes using djay pro inconsistent across devices, and limits options, which is in contradiction to being pro. People can use it as they want, not how you want them to.

Please bring the arrows back ASAP, at least as an option if nothing else.

It’s a bummer I nee to pay for this to discover this limitation, which means I can’t use my iPhone for broadcasting unless I go back to djay2, which as a terrible interface in comparison to djay pro.

Please rectify ASAP.


Not sure I agree with DJay2 worst interface.
But YES, please bring back those ARROWS!

And fix the other issues I pointed out, that being buttons not reacting until top menus are pressed, and rotating from portrait to landscape and back going to deck 1, not original setting o to active deck. video sent to Messenger.