Bring back ONE PRESS Crossfade/Transition button

I used to be able to press a button at the bottom of the CLASSIC screen to auto crossfade from one deck to another.
Now I have to press the button on the right hand side at the bottom and then select MIX NOW.
I just don’t understand the logic in making a single press action a two press action?
Was the original tiny button really taking up THAT much real estate in the app?

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@coffee_king if you have a wireless keyboard or a MIDI controller connected, you can easily map a keyboard shortcut or hardware button to Mix Now.


I don’t have a midi controller attached.

Hi @coffee_king, I’ve changed this topic from a Question to a Suggestion and have forwarded this to the dev team for consideration. In the meantime, please use the blue Vote button at the top left so we can gauge user demand for this change. Thanks!



Until the version 5 we had 2 transition buttons on the mainscreen (located left and right from the crossfader).

Since version 5 we have nice new features but these transition buttons on the mainscreen disappeared.

Please bring back at least one transition button (transition to inactive deck) on the mainscreen (for example left from the crossfader).

Sometimes in small setups i am using only the laptop without dj controller, so i can’t assign some controller buttons to the transition function, and these transition buttons on the mainscreen are very useful, but should be located on the mainscreen.

Its very boring to scroll down in a menu on every track change for pressing the transition button as you make it in version 5.

I know there is also a transition button in the Automix mode window, but this is not enough because i am not using always the automix mode. You can even delete this transition button from the Automix mode window if you make it on the mainscreen back again.


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Hi @johns, I have merged your topic with this existing one. I have already shared this with the dev team for consideration. Please use the blue Vote button at the top left so we can gauge user demand for this request. Thanks!

You could possibly map this to your keyboard or controler.

Please add “Transition to inactive desk” in the Midi mappings.


I’m not using either. I’m just using an iPad.

I’m not using midi, external controllers etc. I am just using the iPad.

Agreed. I dread opening the app after every update, especially while at a gig when I say to myself “Oh God, how do I just do the SIMPLEST of things now?”…And All I’m using it for is to cross fade background playlists

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Hello everyone,

We hear you and the engineering team is looking into ways to make the transition trigger more efficient. Please note that it was user requests that originally led to this change to prevent accidental triggering of transitions. If you’ve ever used djay Pro on a smaller device like an iPhone, then you’ll likely understand this concern. It seems clear that there are opposing views on this, but know that it’s actively being looked at and I’ll share any developments here when I have them. Thanks!

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We appreciate you looking into this for us.

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