Bring back Spotify guys...PAY UP!!! No to TIDAL

Please bring it back for all of us for the wedding djs and the birthday djs and the guys who only dj sometime and the people who like spotify …seriously I am disapointed

TIDAL is horrible
Spotify use is the only reason I invested into Djay

I miss Spotify too, but as I understand it, it’s Spotify that has changed its Terms of Service to not support any third party DJ software and is nothing to do with Algoriddim.

So you really think it’s Algoriddim the bad guy here.

What if record companies doesn’t allow Spotify to allow dj apps to access the songs?
Or record companies have made better deal with Tidal to get more money than from Spotify.

No agreement between Spotify and record companies. No dj apps can use the songs from Spotify.
It’s that simple.

Hey guys! did you try to convert Spotify music to djay Pro supported audio formats ?
this article seems useful

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