Bring Back Spotify Playlist Folders

In the recent updates to Djay Pro and Djay 2 for iOS the Spotify playlist folders no longer show up.

It was really handy to be able to sort my Spotify playlists by music genre in folders like “House” and “Jungle” and then be able to sort playlists by sub genre or musical key. Now they are just all in one long list that’s a serious pain to navigate.

You have to bring the folders back if you want to keep naming your product “pro”. I can’t imagine a self called professional being unable to organize his music in folders. That’s not a pro, bro.

Since the latest update, the djay 2 Spotify feature has an entire different technical background. We did this to solve lots of problems users brought to us. On the downside, djay 2 is no longer capable of providing Spotify folders.

We kindly ask for your understanding.

Any way to bring back

This is crazy. How can they expect a pro DJ to use this without Playlist Folder organization? This is for someone just playing around…not a pro DJ unless you can organize your crates properly.

I have about 120 playlist at the moment like
my_dj_stuff with subfolders like
-1 st subfolder “HITS by release year”
–80’s with subfolders like
---- pop/rock
---- heavymetal
---- disco/dance

  • 2nd subfolder “genres” with subfolders like
    – acidjazz
    – eurobeat
    – reggae
    – mainstream pop/dance
    – mainstream edm
    – house
    – trance
    – techno

Even the genres might have subcategories…
and also I have a huge subfolder
-3rd subfolder “Following” ie. playlist which I follow
– weekly

This folder thing is the main reason I might not purchase the djayPRO license.