Bring back Spotify

Why not get Spotify back? The second version of this app was perfect before you ruined it and went subscription based and killed Spotify. Want the old version back.

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Spotify’s decision to pull the plug left Algoriddim no option.
There’s nothing Algoriddim can do to bring it back as it’s Spotify who have ceased the functionality.
If you’re really not happy that you can’t stream Spotify on Djay, maybe you could use a DJ software package that has the ability to do this.
If you find one, let us all know……


Like scooteee said, it was Spotify that changed their terms of service and ceased supporting streaming through all third-party DJ software.

Well, it might not even be Spotify…
I’m guessing is the major set of record labels which didn’t allow Spotify to be used this way.
I.e. like Spotify was not paying enough money to record labels :stuck_out_tongue:

did like and still use the old version of the software Djay Pro because of a cleaner less cluttered interface…what they should of did is improve upon it and called it the less cluttered version…the new version has too many things going on, and can’t perfect the simple things like waveform brightness…and a louder audio output…

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