Bring Back the Circle of Fifths!

Djay 4.0 had a great Circle-of-Fifths interface that made harmonic mixing much easier. ( Users could filter their whole library down to one particular key and its relative major/minor, and it was very easy to see which song to play next by simply looking through the songs in that key and the adjacent keys. (No need to consult a separate Circle of Fifths or Camelot Wheel.)

Strangely, the new Djay Pro no longer has this interface. It’s not really clear why - it could easily be added to the filter types listed at the bottom (

Algoriddim, can you please bring this feature back?

That would be a great solution. Another option I would like to see is the ability to turn off the display of Djay’s key data and show the data from the id3 tag. I own and use Mixed In Key and would like to use that Key information since I feel it is a bit more accurate. As it is now, the value of the key information is very limited unless you are a musician.

We’ll be sure to look into this.

Is it possible to have a Camelot option added? i.e. Mixed in Key?

This feature does not appear to have been added in Version 1.1 - the only song viewing options on the bottom are Playlist, Music, Artist, Albums, and Genres.

It would really be helpful to have the Circle of Fifths Key interface - are there any plans to bring it back?

Adrian, can you please share this suggestion with the developers? It seems as though this idea would not be hard to implement, as interface used to exist in Djay 4. Thanks!

I think the Camelot Key notation is trademarked, but Algoriddim could work around it by allowing users to manually rename each key to “whatever they want” instead of allowing the option to have the software replace the notation with Camelot Keys.

Agreed. This comparison (…) found Djay to be 70% accurate, vs. 95% accuracy for Mixed In Key.

The Circle of Fifths interface on Djay 4 ( made it easier to know which keys were compatible even when they were displayed in the regular key notation instead of Camelot Keys.

Pls incorporate this into djay for ipad also (or some kind of matching). it will take the tool to the top, i am sure!

I agree! The wheel key was essentially to sort and match tracks with similar keys and bpm. Please do something!