Bring back the old stems... 🙏

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hi there… Whatever you did to improve stems… Its bad… Acapellas are too filtered and instrumentals still have tiny sounds of vocals… I tested this on another phone its the same. Or maybe its my hardware but it worked fine for two years :face_holding_back_tears::face_holding_back_tears:

Which phone are you using?

Furthermore check Settings/Advanced/Neural Mix Quality,
If your device is current, it should read 100%

On my iPad Air 5th Gen it’s 100% as well as my iPad 9th Gen,

My iPad 6th Gen on the other hand is only 60% and the Stems quality isn’t as good

Hi @PRO24DJS, as @maurizio_T has indicated, the quality of the Neural Mix separation depends on the power of your hardware.

Version 5.17 worked fine… Im still confused… Is there a way to roll back to the old version?

There is no way to rollback on iOS. On macOS you can use Time Machine to return to a previous version.