Bring external mixer mode routing to iOS Djay Pro

Now it’s official, the latest Rane Seventy Two mixer is a Class-Compliant dual soundcard.

That makes the list of potentially iOS compatible popular Pro mixers longer :

  • Denon 1800 Prime
  • NI Kontrol Z2
  • Mixars Duo
  • Mixars Quadro
  • Rane Seventy Two
  • Rane MP2015
  • Rane MP2014
  • Rane 57Mkii
  • Reloop RMX-90
  • Xone PX5
  • and probably many others, those are the most notable.

If Algoriddim adds external mixer mode routing, all of these mixers will instantly be natively supported by Djay.

Pros will be able to embrace Djay in those use cases :

  • Backup host device in case of main laptop crash
  • Hybrid usage of both main laptop and djay for some channels (for example when you want to drop a song from Spotify)
  • Actual laptop-less mode main host Doing software.

I have already tested those use cases with my MP2014 and DJ Player and it works very well. Since iOS 10 and the latest USB Camera Kit firmware, there’s not even need of a hub, you just connect and it works and if you have the latest USB3 Camera Kit, you can even charge your iOS device while it’s connected to the mixer.

Besides of that, as you’re in external mode, you don’t even need a mapping and the mixer’s built-in filters and FX are available !

Those use cases are like a Trojan horse for Djay to enter the Pro booths.

Think about it ! Seriously !

Hi Steven, for now you can actually use any class compliant dual stereo output sound card, you don’t have to use the HDMI adapter.

Ok got it. Ever tried through a powered USB hub connected through the USB3 camera kit and by using a driver-less USB to HDMI adapter? If any exists…

Does the SZ need a driver from Pioneer when on Mac ? If yes it means the sound card of the SZ may not be class-compliant and hence won’t work on iOS devices. I have an SX2 and it looks like it works on iOS so quite strange th SZ doesn’t. If you get the “this device requires too much power message” you should connect a hub in between.

Btw, Algoriddim staff will be excused for not answering in the forums if they are busy working on external mixer routing mode for iOS :slight_smile:

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I doubt anyone can fix sound on iOS as the Pioneer DDJ SZ’s sound card is NOT Class Compliant ! Using it on Mac requires proprietary drivers and only Pioneer itself can bring any compatibility to iOS and again I doubt it as Apple will probably not let proprietary drivers on iOS.
See hereafter the link to support page :…

I personally use a DDJ SX2 which does have a Class Compliant sound card hence no issue with iOS devices.

First, happy new year to Algoriddim and to the forum members!

Class compliant pro DJ mixers still keep coming to the market and I still not see the external routing coming to Djay Pro iOS.

Quite frustrating, I’d love to rock Djay Pro on one of these. You can’t call this Djay Pro and limit it to a MIDI controller setup only…

When using dual-USB input mixers it also could make at least a great performing backup option in the clubs/gigs and why not a main pro setup!

So Algoriddiim, is 2018 the year where Djay becomes really “Pro” on iOS ?

C’mon Algoriddim, Class compliant audio pro mixers keep coming and are waiting for this feature to embrace Djay Pro.

You have the business case, you just need to port this feature from Djay Pro macOS to the iOS version. Others have done it (DJ Player) and I tested it working smoothly.

So there’s no excuse :slight_smile: This is the must have feature for Djay Pro for iOS to deserve the “Pro” naming. Well… this and DVS actually :slight_smile:

The Pioneer DDJ-SZ is not a class-compliant audio device, meaning it requires drivers to function. There is therefore unfortunately no way to use the DDJ-SZ audio interface on iOS, as iOS does not support drivers.

jayneural - i vote for you ideea
Meanwhile, can you give me an advice since Algoriddim staff is busy :frowning:
I have Djay Pro on iPhone 7 & lightning to usb 3 camera adapter with Pioneer DDJ SZ, everything works fine but i have no sound. Same configuration on Djay Spin 1 works like a charm include sound…

No, not showing any message. Already tried with a powered usb hub , still not get sound.
Everything is perfect , SZ working like a charm with Djay Pro from iPhone, every knob-button-jog works fine but the sound is only on iPhone not on my channels from SZ
Btw, TIGERblank user, in another topic was happy to fix this problem between Djay and SZ, but is not answer me how he did it…
Any ideea ?

Bump this - currently the iPad Djay Pro is NOT pro, as far as I can tell - having to run master audio out HDMI is ludicrous…

Thanks for the response Jay, much obliged, but can I clarify though - I need the HDMI for video output, so if I have the HMDI adapter connected, and then have the audio interface connected to the lightning socket of the HDMI adapter (the only option), will I then have cue/pgm assignable in DJ Pro to the two audio interface outputs, AND video running out the HDMI?

My current problem, as outlined in another post on the forums with no reply as yet, is that DJ Pro will lock an audio output into the HDMI stream, and not give me the option to route it elsewhere, in my current case the normal Griffin splitter process.

If this is the case, i.e. the audio interface gives me configurable outputs and video runs out HDMI, then a second issue is that there’s no way to get power into it at the same time.

While with my main working gig this isn’t such an issue, as the sets are short and spaced (in between band sets), I expect you couldn’t expect to perform a four hour (or longer) set with that rig unpowered, especially if you were pulling 128bps Spotify tunes via 4G…

A solution might be an audio interface that also has HDMI output, does such a beast exist?

Sorry for bumping an old thread but is this going to happen ?