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I’m new in djay Pro, and still have my old workflow trying to overcome inconveniences of new software. May be later I’ll be used to is as to features, but so far I have suggestions to make life of DJs in djay Pro a little bit more effective.

First one is very annoying, and it’s the main reason why I do not dive into djay pro fully.
I would like to see inline editing of some track tags in Playlists view, like Comments (must have feature!) and Title, Atrist, Rating. Preferrably it should be not only stored in djay DB, but also in track tags in files. It is not convenient to use 3rd party software to edit tags with comments I absolutely need to play gigs. Moreover, there is such inline edit functionaliy for playlist names, so what’s the problem?

Filter options and Smart playlist rules should include options to select on File Path, and Date last played.

It will be more useful and informative if Serach my Collestion search field will effect main track list instead of opening small subwindow with very limited amount of track data.

+1 for this one

djay “light” library management typically prevents me quitting my laptop software and fully go to day… we definitely need full editing track management (at least comments and rating).
(and don’t forget to sync all this to all devices too :wink:

Hi @Mikhail_Kapyrin,

Thanks for posting to the community!

These sound like some interesting ideas that I know the rest of the team would love to hear so I will pass your feature requests along to them as well.

If you have any more suggestions on how to better improve djay please let us know. Thanks!

Thank you for attention :grinning:

I have more ideas, and since it’s about UX in Browser section, I’ll continue in this thread.

Match feature is, actually is a filter. So, it will be more effective, from screen real estate point of view, to show matching tracks not in the sidebar, but in main tracklist. This way it’ll be easier to see key and comment and other tags of matching tracks.
Along with showing search results in the same main tracklist it can be powerful feature.
Let’s say I’d like to see matching tracks only from specific lable or artist - it will be very easy to manage.
Using filer or search alone for matching purpose is not useful, because I need filter criteria (key, tempo) to change in sync with tracks played.
Leave sidebar only for static content - queue and history. Leaving small explorer window in sidebar is questionnable from point of view of usability, but if someone use it, let it be there. No big toll on screen, anyway.

Match feature should offer tracks, based on actual tempo, not only on original (or both, selectable)

I really like djay Pro over all other DJ sw, but broser limitations and inconveniences set me back all the time… Will be happy to see much improvement in this area

Hi @Mikhail_Kapyrin,

Thanks for the continued feedback and I will also pass these updates along!

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