Buddy doesn‘t charge IPad Pro 1st generation

Got a big problem.
Bought a buddy controller for using with my IPad Pro 12.9” 1st generation ans the listest DJ Pro AI Version.
Connection is stable but I Pad does not charge fast enough, battery is empty after 3 hours.
Is the Buddy compatible with the first IPad Pro 12.9"? I Used different Power Supplies from 12 - 30W
I bought an Apple adapter and different USB cables with two USB A connectors on each side, but then have no more data exchange.
Are there any known issues with this not charging?

I am wondering if the buddy can even pass enough power to the ipad?

Can anyone help me here?

Thanks in advance!

@Sri follow this procedure in order:

  1. Disconnect all adapters and cables from the iPad.
  2. Restart the iPad and launch the djay app.
  3. Connect just the genuine Apple Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter to the iPad. Don’t use a 3rd party adapter - many of these cheap adapters don’t work.
  4. Connect your iPad charger to the charging port on the Apple Camera Adapter above and confirm that it is charging. If it’s charging, proceed to next step. If not try a different charger and cables until it works.
  5. Now connect a USB-A to USB-B cable to the adapter and the Reloop Buddy. This is the type of cable normally used for a printer with square type connector on one end and normal USB-A on the other.
  6. Make sure the switch on the side of the Buddy is set to the PC position, not it iOS position.

That should do the trick.