[BUG] Automix queue bug

The automix queue feature seems to not add songs that are added through search and find. The songs that are added by swiping through the list works fine, but when a song is added by searching and tapping, the song does not appear. Once I have gotten the search-added songs to appear (not knowing how I did so!) only to find that it had been added multiple times (because I went back and tapped it many times thinking it was just being slow and not adding to the queue.

If any clarification is needed, please let me know.



Thanks for contacting us.

The songs will only be added after hitting “Done”. Please try the following:

  • after adding the songs from the search results, hit “Cancel”
  • then press “Done”

Thanks for responding.

I guess I had been hitting the “back arrow” rather than hitting the cancel then done.
Sorry for the confusion.