Bug BPM on Sega Music Genre

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  • Device model: Iphone 15 Pro Max 256Go
  • Version of operating system: 17.2.1
  • Version of djay: 5.1.2
  • Hardware/controllers used: On phone

Summary of the issue: BPM Dynamic or BPM Straight bug on Sega music genre
After turn to version 5.0 Djay on my iPhone, I have an issue with BPM on only Sega music.
In fact, the BPM & the beat is abnormal when I play the song. I’ve tried to switch BPM Dynamic or Straight but no difference.
If I play Sega Music genre on my Macbook, I don’t have this problem because I use 4.1.10 Djay.
In attachment, you can see the BPM difference for the same song : 84bpm on my phone & 112bpm on my Mac. 112BPM is the right BPM for this song

How to reproduce the issue: Everytime on my iPhone