Bug - Echo effect drifting on Djay Pro 2 for MacOS

I’ve run into a bug with the Echo effect in Djay Pro 2 for Mac.

I’ve noticed that you can’t really pick precisely how many beats you want to do an effect for with Djay 2 Pro. Thus, you’re at the mercy of the unlabeled slider graphic. I’ve gotten so far as to understand that having it to the far left is a 1-beat effect. 

The problem is, this 1 beat effect seems to drift from time to time. I’m not sure if it has to do with loading new tracks when the old track is playing on the deck where the effect is active, or not turning off the effect before switching, or what. 

With that said, I can record a video of myself mixing and post it if this isn’t a known issue. 

Alos, if anyone has a workaround to this, that’d be great.

Computer: Macbook Air 11"
Controller: Pioneer DDJ-SB2