Bug-Fix 2 Songs for Remix issues?

2 of the same songs will play in sync, and not free.

If you wanna do the Loop-Grid-Grain-Trick, you won’t with DjayPro. Because if you press Play on Deck 2 while Deck 1 playing the same song, Deck 2 will sync Deck 1, destroying your artistic expression.

Hello @SirHannes, can you please explain what the “Loop-Grid-Grain-Trick” is?

  1. There are some Sync options which should help under Settings>General>SYNC MODE>Sync Type. You probably want to change this to BPM only. This allows you to sync the tempos without locking the beats together.
  2. Please also note that if you use the BPM and Beats sync type and load the same song onto 2 decks with sync enabled, djay treats these as Instant Doubles. This means it will BPM lock and exact phrase lock them together. This is intentional.
  3. So, if you want to play the same song on 2 decks, but not have them phrase locked together you either need to disable sync or change the sync type setting to BPM only.
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Uff, wow, I read the manual back in the days, but this is new to me. And it’s tremendous important. :smiley:

Thank you @Slak_Jaw Algoriddim did really well to hire you. Your help is highly appreciated! - How are your programming skills - you’re so fast you could bump that company to a new level in updates, bugfixes and bring customers :wink:

It’s more a technique then a trick, sorry for my wording. A build up you do with changing the Loop-length from normal to tiny (grains), plus Reverb, pressing Cue with the setting tape-stop (or so, to get that pitch-slow-down). Then you continue the same track - and everyone is screaming :wink:
Workaround is the use of a Cue-Point but I prefer to have it on a 2nd track. If you forget deactivate the reverb, the whole impact is over and lost in the mud and your efforts for the dust bin.

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You’re very welcome @SirHannes. Hahaaa! Glad I was able to help! Thanks for the technique explanation - I’m familiar with it, just never heard it worded that way before.

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