Bug in Browser when viewing Spotify playlists and folders

Browser is buggy when viewing Spotify playlists with folders
When you click same playlist or folder a second time, the highlight, the focus disappears
It should stay focused on playlist or folder no matter how many times you click consecutive on it

Also, when I click some of my playlists or folders at the “bottom” they do not appear in focus, they stay hidden below, they kind of auto hide themselves, so they are not visible
This is hard to explain… Some lower playlists go in focus , others auto hide themselves
Not sure if it happens after a certain # of playlists! etc,

Hi Lee,

Are you using pop-over or full-screen library?

Ok thanks, I’ll look into this.

and PLEASE fix the GREEN highlight “disappearing” after clicking same folder/playlist the 2nd time…

Forgot to mention that folders were created on Spotify installed on a desktop PC of course, which then are seen in iOS app.

Also forgot to mention that the ‘bugs’ I reported are when viewing/using djay on iPad

Full screen When viewing left side (browser)
Highlight should remain even after clicking same playlist/folder again otherwise we will not know what songs belong to what playlist after 2nd click on same playlist

And like I said. Some playlists towards bottom , when I click. Do not come or stay visible after clicking , I click them , they then suddenly jump back down to bottom and are not visible


All is ok in pop-over view, small view, as basically folders, sub folders, playlists basically open normally, and show normally, previous works too.

It’s full screen where things are buggy.
Please create a bunch of folders/sub folders, more that can fit or ipad screen, maybe 20 or so, and choose folders, sub folders near the end…