Bug in "Pitch Play Mode" / "Keyboard" on Pioneer Controllers

There are two small bugs in the implementation of the pitch play mode (or “Keyboard” mode on pioneer):

Pitch play mode means that the track can be played from Cue Point 1 in different pitches (higher / lower). Each pad is assigned to a certain pitch (-4 half notes to +4 half notes from lower left to upper right pad).

Bug 1: When you accidentically press the next pad (with the higher pitch) before you release the previous pad then playback is interrupted, when you release the first pad.

How to reproduce:
GIVEN a loaded track
AND Hot Cue 1 is set
AND pitch play mode (“keaboard”) is active (Shift+HotCue)
WHEN you click on the first pad
THEN track plays in that pitch
WHEN you now click the next pad at the same time (holding down both pads!!)
THEN the track jumps back to HotCue 1 and plays in the next higher pitch
WHEN you then release the first pad
THEN playback stops. => it should continue

Bug 2: While holding down a pad in pitch play mode it should be possible to let playback continue by clicking the play button.

GIVEN a track and pitch play mode is active (Shift+HotCue)
WHEN you press and hold down(!) a pad
THEN the track plays in that pitch.
WHEN you now click play
AND relase the pad
THEN the track should continue playing

WHY? This is the whole reason of this effect :slight_smile: Start the beginning of a cool synth part, play it three times with pitches -3 notes, -2 notes, -1 note, and the start the track in its normal pitch (+/- 0) Currently this is not possible in dJay. You would need to keep holding down the pad for the rest of the track.

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