Bug in the loop pad when using the Idjay pro

Hi, love the Djay 2!
Great improvements, specially love the loop/stutter pad.
But also noticed a minor bug in this function. When playing on the Ipad you can start a track with the pad from cue point, press play while holding the pad and when released the track starts from the cue point. If you try this on the Idjay pro, the play button lights up but as soon as you press it the track stops. If you hit shift + play it works, but when you release the pad the track plays from the point where you pressed play + elapsed time (so not from the cue point)
Hope you understand what I mean and that you can fix this.

Hi Fabian,

Sorry, not quite sure what you mean. Can you please explain further? Or a video recording would also be helpful.

Hi Warren,

I will try to explain more clear.
Okay, first start with just the Djay 2 app on the Ipad.
Take a song, set a cue point. Now open the loop tab. You can start the song from cue point by pressing one of the bounce buttons or using the bounce swipe pad (which gives you the cool highpass / lowpass feature). Now wile holding the button or pad (and thus bouncing) hit play. Release the bounce at any given time and the song will play from cue point. This function wasn’t available in Djay 1, great improvement.

Now try it with the Ipad in the Idjay pro.
Open the bounce swipe pad, start the song with the pad in a bounce, hold it and hit play. The song stops. Try the same trick, while holding the pad press shift + play, the bounce will continue for as long as you hold the pad. Now release it.
You will see that the song won’t play from cue point but time will have elapsed.
Say you have a 4:00 minute song, as soon as you hit shift + play time will start elapsing. So if you hold the pad for another 15 seconds before you release it the song will jump to 3:45.

Now try and start a song with the bounce buttons on the Pro. You can start a song by hitting for instance shift+ the 1 beat loop. Hold the 1 beat button, press play, release the 1 beat loop after xx seconds an the song will play from cue point (all fine).
Now try this, start the same way, so shift + 1 beat loop, hit play when you feel like it, hold the 1 beat loop and switch over to a 1/4 beat. Still works fine. Release it and you have playback from cue point. But… now it is impossible to stop the song.
And so there are many different combinations which all have strange different outcomes.

And like I say, all of this works fine (and is real fun) when you are just playing on the Ipad. The app is great but the combination with the Idjay pro lacks the finesse.