Bug with audio routing ? (when trying to set it in external mixer)


As currently Algoriddim djay does not support native external mixer routing support, I ended up trying the workaround which typically consists of the following settings on software which only supports internal mixer routing mode :

  • Crossfader all the way to the left deck (Deck A),

  • PFL activated on the deck on the right (Deck B),

  • Master routing on channels 1-2,

  • Pre-listen routing on channel 3-4,

  • Master & cue à volume at 100%

It works on every single software but on Algoriddim, I don’t get sound from Deck A for some reason.

Did I miss something ? What is different on djay compared to WeDJ, Cross, DJ Player when set in internal mixer mode or other iOS apps ?

The mixer I tried it on was the Pioneer. DJM S11.