Bug with Tempo Fader - Unwanted jumps by 0% to +2%

When using a rotary on a midi-controller to change the tempo, it makes unnecessary jumps from 0% to +2% or from 0% to -2%. After this “jump” I’m able to change the speed normally by 1 bpm steps.

No matter what settings I use, the problem persist. Normally the user should be able to change the tempo smoothly from 0% to 0,1% and so on.

Pleas dev-team fix that. That’s really annoying. Doesn’t make fun manually matching the speed this way :frowning:

Midi-Settings I use:
Midi-Action: Tempo
Control-Type: Rotary (01h/7Fh)
Speed: 20%

Some details:
Using DJay Pro 2.0.10 on the latest MacOS Mojave
Midi-Controller: Allen & Heath Zone:K2

Hi Brian,

I am ver y sorry to hear that.

Could you record an exemplary video in order to point out the issue?
That would help us a lot.

Thank you in advance.

Sorry for bumping my own post. But this bug is really annoying.

Last weekend at a live event I was forced to use the “sync” feature to automatically speed-match my songs. Which is a bummer.

No matter if I us a rotary, a fader or a knob … the user isn’t able to match the speed (bpm) by ear because (software sided) the speed is making jumps from 0% to 0,2% or from 118bpm to 118,4bpm.

DJay Pro becomes useless if you like to mix manually. Or if you like to make B2B with other DJs.

Hey Lukas. I’ll try to create one as soon as possible and will let you know.

Thank you for your time!