Bugs galore in Windows 10 regardless of controller used, please address in next release

I’ve been passing bugs to support for months.
There’s been no updates since May so I’m eagerly awaiting a new release.
I’ve tried 4 controllers now and still getting the same issues,
DDJ-SB2, We-Go, DDJ-SX and the Denon 6000 MK2 which won’t map correctly, buttons stuck on all over the place.
I’ve tested the same controllers with Serato/Pulselocker and everything works fine so definitely Djay application related.

Here’s what I’ve experienced over the last months,

  1. Automix freezes using a Spotify playlist after about the 5th or 6th track
  2. Scrolling through Spotify with browse button causes it to stick and keep bouncing
    to last track in list.
  3. Platters become unresponsive
  4. Play / Pause stops working
  5. EQs, filter sweeps and trim level defaults all need calibrating to absolute zero
  6. Erratic levelling with trim knobs when moved up or down.

If I’m honest this software should never have been released to the general public,
it should still be in beta and I do feel like I’ve wasted my money at the moment,
you can’t use it in a live environment it’s just to unreliable.
I’m sticking with Serato and Pulse locker, for now at least.

Im a professional DJ and have used djay pro on my mac, love it and it’s stable. Got the windows 10 version and have the same problems you describe. I could never trust this at a wedding.

I also had the Play/ pause button stop working on me as well, but not had the issue since I upgraded the firmware on my controller.

Have however run into a new issue which I’ve just posted about on here, whereby a track will just slow right down and become very distorted. Happened 2 hours into a 4 hour gig I was doing…had to reboot DJay Pro and the controller to resolve, not great!!!