Bulk analyze tracks in Apple Music not working correctly

Bulk analyze does not always analyze the tracks selected. Whether it be selecting “analyze songs” when trying to analyze and entire playlist, or when selecting songs individually in various quantities. When this occurs there is no pattern (that I can tell) as to what songs do and don’t get analyzed, as well as the quantity that is skipped over. I can get them analyzed after a few tries so it’s not a weird tempo issue with the songs themselves, nor does it appear to be an Apple Music song vs local file uploaded to Apple Music issue since both are sometimes skipped over. This occurs when I’m using both my 4th gen iPad Air and iPhone 15. Both devices are up to date as far as iOS and Djay pro.

Hi @Themainman3, when creating new topics, please do not forget to answer the questions in our template with specific details about your setup not just “iPad” or “Latest Version”. This helps all of our community moderators to provide the most effective support to users with the utmost efficiency.

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Hardware/controllers used (ex. Reloop Ready):

Can you please also try to capture a video of the issue, upload it to your Google Drive/Dropbox, enable sharing permissions, then share a link to the video here? Thanks!

Hello! It’s been more than a week since my last reply. I’m going to consider this topic completed for now so I can focus on others. However, please feel free to respond and we can definitely revisit this. Thanks!