bunch of ideas!

LOVE the program but have some ideas for MacBook.

• i dont use the program as club dj so those features NOT important, so would be good to get rid of them… strip it down to just playing great songs in a bar or party.
so get rid of sync. scratching, tools… all club “DJ” options gone or avaliable as a option sets.
etc… get rid of the buttons to left on right of turntables, and below. the turntables could then be bigger. simple interface. money not an option. or maybe you you create Djay 5 Lite?

• the waveforms are important to any DJ however. keep that.

• having the big space bar as an option to stop songs in too dangerous! why have this feature??? if i want to full stop which never happens - i wont use space bar!

• also the option of turning the last 30 seconds which flashes orange, make options… of 30, 20, 10, 5, 0. Also NO flash option.

• would be great to rate a song on the program as i hear. cant do this… have to go back to iTunes???

• i like the idea of a played song fading down.

• the band name is too small. maybe regular and bold. name of band important to me.

• i also like an idea i read before, of song and band name going to a light colour… blue or grey? after 20 seconds… then we again know what side is live.
new idea: song playing, time is in orange as it important. flashes last 20 seconds or whatever is set orange or red to grey. the live side will then be easily noticed.


deactivate space bar is a good option (toggle switch in settings?)

When dj’ing at a party, you don’t want a big “Stop Party”-button there.