buying from iTunes while running DJAY

Hi there,
I bought a iPad 2 with 64 gb and cellular chip (Vodaphone germany) Everytime I buy a song through DJAY/ iTunes during a DJ-Job, DJAY crashes and I have to restart the operating IOS system (6.01) Very annoying when we’re in the middle of the party. What can I do ?
Joerg Gebauer

Hi warren
I don’t know what you mean by “external device” but I use the iPad 2 with cellular plus a Newmark iDJ Pro. I also have the latest version of DJAY and IOS
thanks for your help

Hi Joerg,

Are you using any external devices with djay?

I just tested this on my device (iOS 6 and djay 1.6.3) and it worked properly.

Thanks, that’s exactly what I meant. I’ll test it again with the iDJ Pro and get back to you.