Buying New Dj controller & Tidal in android

Hi everyone here!

I’m using the free versions of Djay in windows 10 & Android.
I’m ready to buy a new Dj controller and want also to buy Djay for windows 10 and Djay 2 for Android.

I’d like to ask:

  1. Is there any chance that in the android app we can stream our music from Tidal in a future update?

  2. I’m thinking of these Dj controllers and i’d appreciate if you could give me any point which to choose for buying:
    a) Numark Party Mix
    b) Numark Mixtrack platinum
    c) Pioneer DDJ-WEGO4
    d) Pioneer DDJ-SB3
    e) Pioneeer DDJ-400

I wrote the Dj controllers from the cheapest to the most expensive. Of course the most expensive ones are better, i know that. I’d like your opinions about all these and which is value for money.

Thanks you all!!!

If u can afford it go for the 400 it’s a good one & it’s close to cdjs layout if money is tight go for the platinum very good budget controller