Buying song in iTunes issue?

When I go to buy a song in iTunes, sometimes when I hit buy song, it actually starts playing it and stops the song I had playing on one of the decks in idjpro.

Had a 3 requests at a gig, first two I bought just fine without interrupting the song I had playing. The third request stopped my current song and started playing what I just bought. This happens ever so often in both Djay and Djay 2 and it makes me look bad at a gig. Anyone know how to solve this?

Hi Shad,

Thanks for contacting us. Do you mean that the song preview starts playing even though you just hit “Buy”?

I’ll test this and notify our developers. Thanks for the feedback.

Warren, this also happened to me in two different gigs, and the embarrassment was so huge that I just stopped using this seemingly useful feature. I’m sure we’re not the only two victims of this problem.

I really don’t know if it has to do with the size of the touchable screen real estate area to activate just the “buy” button, but maybe you could try helping to avoid this issue by making that sensitive area bigger and especially by making it more isolated from the screen area that when touched will launch an egg-on-your-face preview.

Perhaps having two separate (and, crucially, distant from each other) buttons for “buy” and “preview” would solve the problem.

Another very useful thing would be to make the width of the found iTunes song list wider to help with viewing a fuller title so we can distinguish between different remixes, for example.

Just some thoughts.

Yes, when I hit the buy button it sometimes just starts previewing the song. It doesn’t happen every time but it if I buy 3-6 songs it will enevitably happen at least once.

Let me know if you have any ideas of suggestions. Thanks.