Caching of streaming services songs

Hi there, I saw recently that algoriddim have now added itunes support to djay pro and was wondering do any of the streaming services allow you to cache or download songs to your device at all?

@mhz, currently this is only possible with Beatport LINK and Beatsource LINK professional subscriptions. It’s called offline locker.

Unfortunately, you have to pay dearly for this luxury. If you really earn money with it, that might be ok, but for most hobby DJs it’s probably not an alternative.

Thanks for your reply. I was considering a move over to djay pro or using it as a backup but the no caching with apple music is a dealbreaker for me and Beatport and Beatsource are just way overpriced in my opinion

You’re welcome. To be clear, once a streaming song from Apple Music is fully loaded into a deck, it remains cached and playable to the end even if the WiFi connection is lost. However, there is currently no offline locker or downloading option for the Apple Music streaming service.

I have just noticed that Tidal can now be used in offline mode in Virtual DJ. Any chance that this might also come to djay pro?

Hi @mhz, I cannot comment on internal development plans like this. However, my personal opinion is if this is already available on VDJ, I suspect that it will eventually come to other DJ Softwares.

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