Call to action for ALL users!

This company does not understand that many of us are WORKING entertainers. We do this for a living, to support our families.

When there is no support, it effects us. When they take weeks or months to answer support requests, it effects us.

When there are problems reported with the software and they are not fixed for months, it effects our performances.

When other software fixes problems in HOURS, not months, it is unacceptable to us.

When they display the fact that once they have your money, they don’t care if you have support or not, it effects us.

So, it’s time to act everyone. POST YOUR REVIEWS on every dj forum you can. Be honest and be factual. Only then will this company realize that we dj as a profession and if they are going to create a professional product, they have to support it.

POST YOUR REVIEWS and let’s show Algoriddim that we mean business.

If you purchased from the App store, post your comments about the customer support there.

If you do nothing, nothing will change!

Good! You SHOULD post positive reviews. I am speaking to everyone who is frustrated with the lack of support and the lack of products being updated and fixed in a timely matter.

If the product works well for you, give it praise.

I will be very happy to post al my positive reviews on the web.
When i have troubles or questions i ask them here, or via mail, because i have the experience my questions get anwsered pretty quick.

I love the software and it works great here. With the ipad, and the Mac.

Thank you for this good idea!