Can anyone post a video of the sx, sr,sx2 in action with djay

Hello my fello Djay pro users, I’ve wanted to upgrade to a bigger and funner Dj controller from my Ddj sb and was wondering how the ddj sx/sx2 and ddj handle with Djay pro. I’m not a huge fan of serato and have been using Djay pro and I am curios to see how all the functions on the controllers transfer over to Djay pro. If anyone could post a video of any of these controllers in action on YouTube it would be much apresheated and would help a lot of other fellow users. Thanks

Why not just go to a retailer and bring your Macbook with you and see if you can plug into a demo unit. Djay Pro is plug and play so it would recognize the controller right away.

I have the Pioneer SR, SX, and SX2. Djay Pro works well with each of these controllers.

I held off buying Djay Pro because I was not interested in using another controller other than the ones I have. Once Djay Pro supported the DDJ series of controllers I jumped on it because I like the Automix function and the integration with Spotify. I would never use Spotify to DJ out but I like to practice with music I don’t have off of Spotify.

i would but the closest stiore that has one is about an he and a half away so I wanted to ask, but that’s a good idea I may have to go and try it out