Can Automix auto detect silence at the end ?


I’m using Automix a lot and I want to go until the end of the song.
The problem is that often there are silence at the end of the song but not always. So the transition are not always the same and always good.

Is there a way that Automix detect those silence at the end of the song and take it off to make the transition ?
Is there an option for that ?

I heard that other DJ software able to do so.


Any update on this feature? This is an important feature of us non-club DJs. I’ve been a regular user of djay Pro 2 and djay Pro, due to it’s Spotify integration. When I recommended djay Pro 2 to other DJs, they bemoan the lack of silence detection compared to other DJ software. I tell them about setting end cue points manually, but that’s more work than would be necessary if silence detection was built in.

Hey Pitoune,

at the moment we are not supporting a silence detector. I will forward this to our developers to get there feedback and will keep you posted.

Thank you for the idea.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hi there.  Same for me.  I am very new to all of this & I really like the DJ Pro software.  The 1 thing I’d really like is the silence detection/gap killer feature to prevent “dead air” between songs.  Can anyone advise me on a workaround by setting a cue point at the end of a song?  I am kind of desperate & am willing to do this for a whole playlist if necessary. :)  Thanks…

OK I think I figured it out.  I am truly a fathead!  From the Deck1 or Deck2 dropdown, select Cue Points/Set End Point.  Wow, this is huge for me!  It will prevent dead air between tracks when using Automix.  I can’t believe I’ve just been using the global end point under the Automix preferences to manually end songs 8 seconds before end.  Anyway I’m all set unless anyone has any other recommendations.