Can djay expand their beta user pool? 5.0 is awesome, but the bugs are very obvious and easily reproducible

There are many bugs mentioned in the bug reports for 5.0. Any DJ using this would have noticed these issues right away. The crossfader neural stuff is unusable because the headphone queuing does not work, beat jump turns sync off, etc. etc. I know that alot of the features were pretty secret and it is cool that they didn’t get leaked but you definitely need a bigger testing team or beta user group to identify these issues right away and there is no way to roll back to the previous version that I am aware of. As a software developer, CTO and lover of Algoriddim DJay, I urge you to work on this area of your development process.


Under what conditions can I become a beta tester?

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Yeah same, being a beta tester for DJ software, you know you’ve won when that’s the way foward :smile:

Out of curiosity, how are the fx working for you?
Because the bugs have really messed with the fx section for me.

The mapped/built button to select fx although chnages it, doesnt show the wanted fx on screen, but to make matters worse, no wet/dry for the fx, only volume of an effect that reaches like halfway if what it’s meant to do.

At least it has been addressed and they are working on it, the fact we have this community forum is a god send.

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Hello everyone! Thanks for your interest in beta testing. I have enquired as to what the official process is, but don’t have an answer yet. However, in the meantime I can share my personal experience as a long time contributor on this forum. It seems that beta test invites are more often sent to the power users in this community that are routinely contributing and helping fellow users…


@Slak_Jaw Mine too, but we’re not allowed to talk about it……

Oh, bugger!!!