Can I connect a synth to my Dj Setup

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has the knowledge to connect a synth to the DJ setup I have.

So I use ddj 800 connected to a MacBook Pro
I have a Korg pa4x and want to connect it to this setup.

The idea is when I hit play on the dj controller I want that to trigger the play style button on the pa4x do you guys think that will be possible?

Thank you :pray:

Hey @Kohee_Al_Iraqi - My apologies for the delayed reply.

Currently, this is not possible, although I think it’s a super cool idea. Feel free to post this as a feature request in Suggestions so other people can vote on it as well!

Feel free to reach out with any other questions or suggestions. We love to hear your feedback!

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This doesn’t answer your question totally, but maybe it will help…

For fun, sometimes I link up a Nintendo DS (with Korg DS10) to my DJ setup.

What I do is run Djay Pro on an iPad, then push that sound through a controller (Numark DJ2Go2 Touch), then a MakerHart JustMix 3 channel mixer. Djay Pro goes in ‘aux’, a microphone to ‘channel 1’.

I use a headphone splitter for the DS, with 1 cable to a mixer and 1 left open for headphones.

All beatmatching needs to be done by ear. Going DJ → DS is harder, you have to manually slow/speed up the BPM on Korg DS10 until it’s in sync. But you can only do that by like 1bpm/2bpm otherwise it gets hard to slow it down quickly enough when it’s in sync.

I try to be careful and only mix in to a longer track (or keep at the same BPM for several tracks) because it’s fiddly. Mixing out from DS to Djay is easier because you can nudge the record faster/slower so just manually beatmatch.

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Thank you so much guys :pray: